Privacy Policy


In order to purchase products from - users populate fields for capture of personal information such as postal address, e-mail adress, phone numbers, as well as FINANCIAL INFORMATION such as credit card details, Bank account details, Paypal account details etc.  All such information will be used as necessary for us to complete the transaction and delivery of your purchase.

The following summarises how this information will be managed and used by subsequent to your purchase being finalised.


Your e-mail address may be used to forward product information. special offers etc as deems appropriate.  Note - we are not a "deal aggregator" and will not bombard you with "deals of the day"!

Important Note - If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, please simply reply to one, requesting that we stop sending them to you.

Your adress and other contact details will be retained and housed securely by our webhost to facilitate fast and efficient future transactions.  You will never receive any unsolicited matter sent to your adress as a result of your purchase from

Your transaction history will be retained by our webhost to help us continue to develope our business for the mutual benefit of us and our customers.


In cases where you provide credit card details directly through our website, this information will be encrypted and managed by a remote third-party platform.  We will never see your financial information in such cases.

If you provide details of credit card accounts, paypal accounts or the like by other means, we will discard this information immediately we have completed the transaction, in such a way that it can not be recovered.


If at any time you are unsure of what information we keep, or would like a copy of such information, please contact us for assistance.